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A lifelong passion. He has dedicated his entire existence to the art of the image, transforming a childhood love into a real profession. At a very young age he collaborated as an operator with Angio Zane's Record Film of Salò (Brescia), in the production of educational and industrial documentaries and short films.


In 1964 he moved to Rome where he worked as a photographer on the film sets of some of the main directors of the Italian Nouvelle Vague such as Liliana Cavani, (Francesco d'Assisi, 1966), Marco Bellocchio, (I fists in your pocket, 1965) and Tinto Brass ( Nerosubianco, 1969).  

The fascination towards the Eternal City is represented also and above all by the common people.  Inspired by popular Roman poetry, in particular by the works of Trilussa and Giuseppe Gioacchino Belli, between 1964 and 1965 he made a rich documentary through images of Trastevere, a characteristic and lively district of the capital.

An extraordinary series of shots that enchant Gina Lollobrigida, a great lover of photography, mark an important turning point.

The actress, enthusiastic about his work, first chooses him as a personal photographer for some of his trips abroad and then opens with him, in the capital, a photographic studio at the Pierluigi Journalistic Agency.


It is a very profitable period professionally that sees him engaged in the creation of numerous and important fashion services. In particular, a portfolio of images, published in the main national and international magazines, which have as protagonists the most famous Italian actresses of the moment, including Lollobrigida herself, Claudia Cardinale, Virna Lisi, Rosanna Schiaffino and Ewa Aulin, portrayed together with their children.  Now launched in the world of Haute Couture, he collaborates with large ateliers such as Valentino, Fendi, Sorelle Fontana, Barocco, Andrè Laug, Capucci, Laura Biagiotti and many others.


Particularly appreciated for her beauty photos,  at that time he also established a long association with the famous make-up artist Gil Cagné for Max Factor. In front of her lens, top models such as Veruschka, Benedetta Barzini, Marisa Berenson, Penelope Tree, Alberta Tiburzi and  Twiggy. The shots taken will be published on the pages of Vogue America, Vogue Italia and Harper's  Bazaar.


In 1972 he left Rome and moved to Milan, opened his own photographic studio, where until the end of his career he worked for the most popular advertising agencies and collaborated with the main women's magazines: Grazia, Amica, Annabella, Gioia, Linea Italiana, Vogue ...

Fashion photographer also known internationally,  his works appear in the most glamorous newspapers of the moment: Elle in France, Freundin and Brigitte in Germany, Woman in Spain.  


The legacy that  leave is today the heritage not only of his family, but also a precious document of fifty years of Italian costume and fashion, immortalized with art, by the lucid eye of the photographer.


This site is dedicated to his memory. Is an antology of his work created during the period of his professional career in the years 1960-1970.

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